Theft of cars are and have been, unfortunately, the biggest scarecrow of all motorists. None of us want to experience this unpleasant morning when, instead of a leisurely journey to work with your vehicle, you have to travel by public transportation to the police. Even though the worst times of the car hire Eldorado are happy behind us, it does not mean that you will not enjoy the afternoon cold shower. Police statistics are positive – over the past ten years, the number of thefts has tripled, although four owners do not find the car in their place every day.

If you think that this threat is particularly relevant to new group vehicles that appear every year on the first track of police statistics, you are mistaken. Cars like VW Passat, Škoda Octavia and other top sellers in our country are the most common victims of perpetrators, but they are also the most numerous residents of our car parks. Statistics evaluating the total number of stolen vehicles reflect their abundance and therefore their objectivity is questionable. However, when looking at the stolen vehicle statistics, calculated on 1000 pieces of a specific model in traffic, the situation is all of a sudden different.

We can have a look at the statistics compiled in Germany, which is the European automobile giant. The probability of stealing statistic developed by the Association of German GDV Insurance Companies, which, based on its findings, has compiled a list of the most stolen vehicles. As in the past, statistics show that the black market is always copying the requirements of the official one. Offenders and their clients have just the same taste as most regular motorists. Therefore, the attractive SUV´s and Crossover´s are the most threatened car of today.

The greatest risk is borne by owners of premium diesel vehicles with higher cubic diesel engines, which are still very demanding. In this category, are surprisingly the most striking Toyota Landcruiser 3.0 TD followed by the BMW X5 1st Generation and the Audi Q7 4.2 TDI.From all of the German carmakers, BMW is one which is located on the highest positions, with X5 and X6 models which are “bestseller” in the black market. However, in addition to premium bonuses, exceptions such as Honda Accord 2.4i, Toyota GT86, Mazda CX-3 and, of course, exotic Porsche, Jaguar and Lexus, are also available in the first triad.

The results of these statistics show that also the owners of a car of non-European origin can not avoid the theft, as the perpetrators are looking for the same car you desired when you bought it. The times when only the owners of sedans have to fear about their four-cylinder investment are irreversibly out of the question and everyone can experience the unpleasant situation.

Just as in the past, in nowadays the most certainty is additional car security with a proper car alarm, which not only deters the potential offender, but also effectively prevents theft. It is also important to choose a security that is easy to use and does not make life worse for the owner. Even a completely incomparable car alarm is meaningless without a user-friendly environment because you simply stop using it.

An example of functional car security that not only protects your vehicle, but also passes your comfort and control options to a whole new level is the Pandora car alarm system. Thanks to the superb combination of unbeatable multi-element protection, remote control and other advanced features, you’ll sleep peacefully and you’ll enjoy your car more than ever before.