Who would not like the summer, the most beautiful season of the year bringing the school holidays, vacations, water chill out and tropical heat in recent years. It all sounds tempting, except for the fact that most of us can not spend two months of vacation even if many of us would wanted. Work and commuting to work is a necessary routine, but in the hot months it often turns into a fight for one’s own life with the hell of a hot car interior. Unlike independent heating, we can not cool the car remotely, so we have nothing else then suffer it, cannot we?

This is where the Pandora car alarm comes to scene, which, thanks to the remote start function, will cool your vehicle before you even enter it. With Pandora you can control your vehicle even without visual contact – so really remotely and adjust the interior temperature literally from behind your office desk. A few minutes later, you get into a refreshingly cooled vehicle without burns from the steering wheel or leather seats. Those functions of the Pandora remote control will also be appreciated in the cold winter months in which each active driver desires independent heating. You won´t need it with Pandora. As well as cooling in the summer, it allows long-distance remote heating in winter and your comfort is once again uncompromisingly perfect. Your car can wait for you in the morning with the heated interior and engine ready to go immediately. Additionally, you can automatically set up the process and enjoy the morning coffee a few minutes longer as you save the valuable minutes of scraping the frozen windows.

Remote start is under the unbeatable protection of the Pandora brand, which is constantly monitoring your vehicle, regardless of its current state. Even with the running engine, the vehicle remains protected from unauthorized use and the only person who can drive it is you. The cherry on top is a favorable price for the

Pandora system, which does not represent even half of the price of independent heating with a single function. Do not hesitate to convince yourself on the following link.