The name Rasťo Chvála will probably be recognized by every motorist with access to the internet. Few people, however, will know that the name of one of the best Slovak motor journalists is also associated with active participation in the queen of all racing disciplines.

In fact, Rasto is not a newcomer in the world of rally, on the contrary. With his successes, such as the fifth place on the Rallye Monte Carlo, he can be compared to the European elite. However, the events of the second weekend of August were also a surprise for the rider himself, and his result gave the Slovak motoristic audience after two years a reason to celebrate. Team Peugeot Sport Slovakia, whose proud partner is also Pandora, has defeated on Rallye Germany its prestigious 2nd place. Crew Chvála – Lieskovcová managed without the slightest disturbance three seasons with 18 speed tests and a total of 326 kilometers and thanks to their precision driving and perfectly tuned car had mechanics changed the tires only. Just a cool-head ride and a good piece of luck helped the Slovak pair to score in the international competition of professional teams not only in the RC4 category. In the ratings of fwd vehicles, regardless of engine, they took the bronze ramp and finished in the 31st place among 110 crews from all over the world.