If you ever wanted to communicate with your car with a help of your watch similarly to the main character of the famous American series, your time has come. Car alarms development center Pandora presented the hot new application support for Pandora PRO and Pandora ONLINE for smart watches that push the convenience of remote control and security cars to a whole new level. Per your watch now, thanks to Pandora, you can not only control the position and condition of your vehicle, but also control the selected features. On your wrist, you will have a key from air conditioning, heating, remote start, car alarm and, of course, 24-hour vehicle status monitoring. In addition, your watch will display any Pandora alert or information message in the form of Push notifications, so you will never miss out on threats to your property.

Pandora Online app is currently supporting smart Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 watches. Extension working on the Tizen 3 platform offer to the owner full functionality and control of vehicle functions independently of the main application on your mobile phone. With Pandora you have your car constantly under surveillance even when you do not have the phone within reach.